Slitting & Rewinding Machine

Slitting & Rewinding machine is designed to slit BOPP paper, and related products. It is equipped with air shaft and pneumatic brake for auto tension control, quick change on the slitting size and other components.

The machine has to slit Jumbo roll to smaller widths slit paper, films from larger width to smaller widths. The machine has fully intergraded PLC base controls, touchscreens. It has the shaft at unwind unit for simple and fast switching of reels. Slitting and rewinding machine has an automatic pneumatic cross cutting system.

Slitting & Rewinding Machine Features

  • High speed reversible operation
  • Easy loading and unloading of parent/rewound reel
  • Movable unwind stage for edge guiding system
  • Inspection through stroboscope
  • Can be interfaced with full flaw detection system
  • Feasibility of value added functions like edge trimming and extraction, waste rewind and splice table

Slitting & Rewinding Machine Applications

Used in automatic corrugation plants

Slitting & Rewinding Machine Technical specification

  • Dual turret rewinds with 30 seconds changeover
  • Free standing unwind
  • Horizontally pressured lay on rolls
  • Pneumatic swivel arm offloader
  • Rewinding speed: 500 m/min
  • Working width: 40 inch
  • Floor space 40 inch : 12 ft x 8.5 ft
  • Maximum unwinding dia: 40 inch
  • Maximum winding dia: 24 inch
  • Minimum slit: 2 inch
  • Micro Slitting Rewinding Machine
  • BOPP Tape Slitting Machine

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