Salvage Rewinder Machine

Salvage rewinding machine is commonly used for salvaging and rectifying finished tape rolls having defects such as telescoping, off core and peaking. The equipment is mechanically flexible and comes with a preset counter for length measurement and auto stop. It is used for self adhesive and plain tapes. It is capable of basic slitting. The machine is specialized in high performance reversible salvage rewinders that are suitable for inspection of printed webs and can minimize the rewind times.

The machine produces finished reels of the excellent quality. It is designed to process tension sensitive substrates. It allows easy loading and unloading of reels. The machine is all simple to get configured and uses advanced technology to provide ultimate performance.  Salvage Rewinder machine has major use to recover or correct scrap and damage rolls. It also used for print inspection.

Salvage Rewinder Machine Features

  • Minimizes your waste
  • Shaftless chucking
  • Precision tension with closed-loop tension control
  • Edge guiding
  • Length counting
  • Touch screen operator interface

Salvage Rewinder Machine Specifications

  • Roll width: 300 mm -2000 mm
  • Roll diameter: 300 mm – 1500 mm
  • Slitting: Razor, hear or crush

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