Tap Rewinding Machine

Tape rewinding machine is specifically designed for eradicating the miss-registered material and improving the rollers.  The pneumatic mechanism automatically adjusts the drive, the seal height of packing and clamping width can be easily adjusted.

Automatic tape rewinding machine is applicable for all types of top-grade tapes particularly high-grade tapes require precise rewinding, for example, electrical tapes, high temperature tapes, green PET tape, paper tape and various adhesive tapes. Log roll automatic rewinding machinery is also used for non-adhesive roll products, ribbons, and others.  The operation mechanism includes automatic shaft change, as soon as rewinding operation is completed, the machine automatically changes the shaft for easy and efficient performance.

Tap Rewinding Machine Features

  • Outstanding functionality
  • High efficiency
  • Flawless operation
  • Easy configuration
  • Long service
  • Power feeding
  • Automatic recording
  • Smart speed adjustment

Tap Rewinding Machine Applications

  • Plants for making tapes
  • Mask tape production
  • Medical tape
  • BOPP tape
  • Foam tape processing

Tap Rewinding Machine Technical Specification

  • Rewinding size: 1000 mm – 1600 mm
  • Power supply – 2 HP
  • Production capacity – 80 Metric per Month
  • Web width: 500 mm – 700 mm
  • Unwinder dia: 450 mm
  • Rewinder dia – 450 mm
  • Operation speed: 120 mpm
  • Applicable material: PVC, PET film, CPP film, PE film, Paper
  • Log Roll Rewinder Machine
  • Turret Type Rewinding Machine
  • Salvage Rewinder Machine
  • Self Protection Tape Rewinding Machine

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