PVC Tape Slicer Machine

We manufacture PVC Tape Slicer Machine for all types of laminates such as Paper, Aluminum foil, PVC, Plastic, LD, LDPE, PP, BOPP, soap wrapper and many others. It has Razor blade for slitting, soft films like polyethylene, vinyl and polypropylene are easily sliced by razor blades.

The slicer machine features automatic control panels that control and regulate different operations like winder drive, trim collection blower operation and speed sign. The processing material is fed manually with a metering system.

Equipping with advanced controls and innovative structure design the machine meets the variable requirements of clients from diverse industries. The machine is designed for long lasting heavy duty process, particularly for cutting in different sizes. The machine is tested for efficiency.

Slicer Machine (SM-1300) is suitable for:-

  • PVC Insulation Tape

PVC Tape Slicer Machine Technical Specification

  • Working width –1300mm
  • Cutting system – Rotary high-speed cutter
  • Cutting roll diameter – 80mm
  • Core diameter – 38mm
  • Cutting dividing from single rack on machine one cutting rake part of standard machine equipment ( Extra rake optional)
  • Manual Cutting system

PVC Tape Slicer Machine Standard Features

  • Control box –Made from CRC Sheet & MS angle section
  • Slide travel on bearing
  • Core gripping by internal diameter / outer diameter
  • Cutting Measuring by slide stopper 

PVC Tape Slicer Machine Elecrical Features

  • 1HP AC motor
  • Reversing switch

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