Micro Slitting Rewinding Machine

The Micro Slitting Rewinding Machine is constructed by using advanced equipment and machines. The main motor of slitting machine features inverter for speed adjustment. The tension of the material film can be adjusted automatically when the machine is in operation. The pressing roller is controlled by dual air cylinders, the pressure can be adjusted. The slitting rewinding machine as blower fan to blow the waste edge. The rolling shaft follows the horizontal rotating style and dual air shaft rolling design. It is used for slitting industrial tapes, cellophane tape, the protection film and copper foil.

The Micro slitting machine is suitable for different plastic film, glassine, nonwoven fabric, aluminium foil and microcomputer control. The machine features microcomputer control follows machinery-electronics integration controller, automatic counting, auto-stop when reaching to preset meter, and constant tension controller.

Suitable for

  • Machine speed is adjustable.
  • Automatic length counter. Make the rewinding length accurately.
  • A simple type of machine, convenient operation and saving cost.
  • Slitting by the razor blade
  • Can adjust the cutting width according to the required size.

Micro Slitting Rewinding Machine Micro Slitter

  • SRM 300 is a Table Model Machine with working width up to 300 mm. (10”)
  • SRM 300 is capable to give direct slitting and Rewinding on Paper Cores.

Micro Slitting Rewinding Machine Technical Specification

  • Working width –              300 mm. (12”)
  • Slitting width –              Minimum 12 mm (1/2”)
  • Slitting System –              Razor/Surgical Blades.
  • Diameter of Unwinder Roll                 –              Diameter 12”.
  • 4 Position Turret Unit.
  • Core ID –              3”(Inch)

Micro Slitting Rewinding Machine Electrical Features

  • 1 HP.A.C. Motor and Drive.
  • 1 HP. A.C Motor for Turret operation with gear Box.
  • Digital Electric Auto Stop Counter Meter. (Length Counting)

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