Turret Type Rewinding Machine

Turret Rewinding machine has a unique design and is fully versatile in use. Our models are highly sophisticated with the main emphasis in winding different types of self-adhesive tapes like surface protection tapes, aluminium foil tapes, fsk tapes and double-sided tapes.

The machine is designed to meet the demands of perforation, embossing and rewinding of the paper to the required diameter. After rewinding the log, it is shifted to Band Saw that then turn cuts the log into pieces of required lengths.

Our turret rewinding machine is designed considering high volume and long running operation requirements of large scale industries. It facilitates in increasing productivity and thus produces double output than traditional winders.

The turret rewinding machine ensures perfect execution of the BOPP tape with consistency and at a constant speed. 

Turret Type Rewinding Machine Features

  • Automatic Slitter of high efficiency
  • Shaftless unwinding 

Turret Type Rewinding Machine Specification

  • Grade: Automatic
  • Capacity: 110 mtr/m
  • Power: 5 Hp

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