Automatic High Speed Slicer Machine

High speed slicer is designed to slice the material at the high speed with self-feeding bottom and side cotton conveyor belt. The machine is made for supply high-speed slicing performance with mechanical feed arrangement. Three phase Crompton electric motor, loading and unloading platform with all operational components made with EN series.

A rugged machine comprising of cast iron frames and aluminium frames for slicing blades and contact areas are made of stainless steel. The feed angle does not need any outer force for feeding and higher productivity is ensured by this gravity feed. These machines are widely used in bakery, hotels, and food processing industries.

The durable design and salient features make it popular in the market. Made in different specifications, these are configured with slicing blades that are made of high grade hardened and tempered steel and food grade steel that can be hardened and sharpened.

Slicer Machine (SM-1500) is suitable for:-

  • Foam single and double side Adhesive Tape
  • Double side Adhesive Tape
  • Masking Adhesive Tape
  • Tissue Adhesive Tape
  • Cloth Tape
  • Polyester Tape
  • Aluminum foil Tape
  • Paper Tape
  • Self protection Tape

Automatic High Speed Slicer Machine Technical Specification

  • Working width –1500mm
  • Cutting system – Self Driven Rotary high-speed cutter
  • Cutting roll diameter – 300mm
  • Core diameter – 75mm
  • Cutting dividing from single rack on machine one cutting rake part of standard machine equipment ( Extra rake optional)
  • Manual Cutting system

Automatic High Speed Slicer Machine Standard Features

  • Slide travel on Linear Motion bearing
  • Core gripping by internal diameter / outer diameter
  • Cutting Measuring by slide stopper

Automatic High Speed Slicer Machine Electrical Features

  • 2HP AC motor
  • Six-month Motor Warranty (no warranty for damage or born)
  • Meter check cutting load
  • Reversing switch
  • Light indicator

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