Adhesive Tape Coating Machine

Adhesive tape coating machine is suitable for the double layer and multiple layer coating of these roll film materials like BOPP, PET, CPP, CPE and paper and more. It comprises of a high-speed air blower for quick dying and dynamically balanced free rollers. The machine works as an electrical heat source. The gravure equipped with adhesive coating lamination plant supports coating adhesives on labels and package film materials. It is fit to produce different types of packaging films with adhesives used on it. The heating roller with nip roll allows the seamless application. Adhesive coating lamination line offers the rapid production of packaging bags with lamination lines.

Adhesive Tape Coating Machine Features

  • Corrosion resistant structure material
  • User friendly
  • Improved service life
  • Energy efficient and vibration free functionality
  • Outstanding performance
  • Web guide system applications
  • Reverse roll and Mayer bar
  • Roll over roll
  • Single and double station rewind
  • Manual and pneumatic loading of parent roll
  • Mechanical and Pneumatic brake

Adhesive Tape Coating Machine Specification

  • Web width: 800 mm to 1320 mm
  • Core ID: 76 to 150 mm
  • Production speed: 10 – 50 meter
  • Heat source: diesel fire or gas-fired hot air
  • Adhesives: water or solvent base
  • Web support: Idler and driven rolls

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